To achieve the best performance and reduce blade’s cracks at cylinder
extremeties (mostly on gravure presses due to holder oscillation) we
developed VARI-THICK® execution.
It consists of a lamella blade (either WING or SC profile) “tailor ground” matching the cylinder’s engraved portion and with full thickness ends.
This allows to enjoy all doctoring benefits of a pre-honed blade as well as crack resistance properties of rounded edge blades.
TOP QUALITY doctoring
REDUCED cracks at cylinder extremeties (up to -70%)
INCREASED blade stability all along printing process


For operator safety reasons, cut to length blades can be supplied with SMOOTH ROUNDED CORNERS (instead of traditional sharp squared corners) which allow a safe handling of the blade.
BURRS FREE extremeties grant an easier insertion of the blade into the holder.
For special holders, blades can be supplied with holes for a more stable fixing


For those printers who have the possibility to use different blade width, we can supply blades pre-ground on both edges.Such execution is available in both WING & SC types.


In order to increase doctor blade rigidity while maintaining the proper flexibility of the pre-ground zone we suggest to use a back-up blade to be coupled with the doctoring blade.

  • Materials: High tensile strength carbon steel & stainless steel
  • Width: Doctor Blade width -3 mm or -5 mm
  • Thickness: 0,30-0,38-0,45-0,50-0,60-0,70 mm
  • PROFESSIONAL blade guillotine for cutting to length.
  • CLEAN & PRECISE perpendicular easy cut.
  • COMFORTABLE tailor made seat for CBG d.blades package.
  • REVERSIBLE & RESHARPENABLE hard metal knives for life time lasting.